Fuchs Mizrachi School



College Guidance at Fuchs Mizrachi School
The college guidance program helps each student, through classes and counseling, learn more about himself or herself as a person. Students are individually guided as they gain admission to a college that is suitably challenging and provides an appropriate environment for continued personal growth. The counselor works closely with families throughout the college selection and admission process and provides helpful materials and resources. Careful attention is paid to the religious concerns of our students and their families as they embark upon the decision-making process.
Although college guidance is available to students in the ninth and tenth grade, the formal program begins in the junior year, when the guidance counselor hosts an information session for students and parents on the college selection process, standardized testing programs, and the application process. At this session, families receive our guidance manual, designed to help the student to select the right college in a timely manner. From junior year through senior year, students have personal appointments in which the college counselor helps the student explore his or her interests and options. Parents are welcome to attend meetings.
College Acceptance - 100% of our graduates are accepted to college. Institutions accepting Mizrachi graduates in the past five years include:
* American University
* Amherst College
* Barnard College
* Boston University
* Brandeis University
* Case Western Reserve University
* Columbia University
* Cornell University
* Dartmouth College
* Drexel University
* Duke University
* Emory University
* George Washington University
* Harvard University
* Hofstra University
* Johns Hopkins University
* Kent State University 
* New York University
* Northwestern University
* Ohio State University
* Ohio University
* Queens College
* Rensselaer Polytech University
* SUNY Binghamton University
* Stern College for Women
* Syracuse University
* Tufts University
* Tulane University
* University of Arizona
* University of Connecticut
* University of Maryland
* University of Miami
* University of Michigan
* University of Pennsylvania
* University of Pittsburgh
* University of Rochester
* University of Southern California
* University of California, Los Angeles
* Washington University in St. Louis
* Yeshiva University