Why Cleveland? » Why Cleveland?

Why Cleveland?

Welcome to Cleveland, Ohio: a shining light of Modern Orthodoxy in the Midwest! We offer an affordable lifestyle, and our city boasts a vast array of Jewish institutions, shuls, and restaurants. After spending a short time here, you will quickly discover that you would have everything you need when moving to town. We pride ourselves in simultaneously being a ‘small-large community’ and a ‘large-small community’, which excites families relocating from smaller towns, or retreating from the tri-state area.


In addition to our robust Jewish amenities, Cleveland is a growing city, with amazing cultural offerings. Did you know that our theater district is the largest in the country after Broadway? Or that the NFL was founded in Ohio? Or that we have incredible metro parks, and that we have four seasons – not just winter?


Finally, let’s not forget the three most important words when looking to relocate: location, location, location! Cleveland is driving distance from New York City, Long Island, Bergen County, Detroit, Chicago, and Toronto – to name a few! If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a 3-hour traffic jam on the Belt Parkway or I-94, just remember, you’d be halfway to Cleveland in the same amount of time.


We love our community, and know you will too. Take a look through our Jewish institutions, our diverse cultural offerings, and our varied career opportunities, and get a taste of what makes Cleveland so special. We can’t wait to welcome you to 'The CLE' soon!


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