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Frequently Asked Questions


What if my child has attended another Jewish day school?

Fuchs Mizrachi School welcomes you! Students have transferred successfully from many other day schools, locally and nationally, and have performed exceptionally in our program. 

What if my child has never attended a Jewish day school?

It is never too late to start! Our faculty individualizes programs to meet the needs of every child. After assessing your child, we provide any recommendations, if necessary, that will facilitate the change and make the transition a smooth one. 

What if my child has learning differences?

Fuchs Mizrachi School is proud to offer an array of special services to students in our pre-Nursery through twelfth grade. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with your family to see if Fuchs Mizrachi is the ideal environment for your child.

What if we are not Orthodox or feel that we are less traditional than the families who attend Fuchs Mizrachi School?

Although the majority of our students are Orthodox, we encourage all interested families to join the Fuchs Mizrachi School community. While our school is founded upon and reflects Orthodox beliefs, we deeply respect every family, no matter where they stand on the religious spectrum.

Are the classes at Fuchs Mizrachi co-educational?

Currently, the Early Childhood Program (ECP) and Lower School are fully co-educational. The Junior High and High School Programs currently separate boys and girls for Judaic Studies and many general studies courses, while other general studies courses remain co-ed based on educational considerations.

Is the Fuchs Mizrachi School program as rigorous for boys as it is for girls?

The answer is emphatically yes. Boys and girls are offered the same courses throughout their career in both Judaic and General Studies.