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Ohio Tax Credit Scholarship Program

What is the Ohio Tax Credit Program?
This program allows individuals to make a donation to an SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization) and receive a 100% tax credit against their Ohio income tax liability.
There is a maximum credit of $750 per individual. (If you file Married Filing Jointly, you can receive a credit for $1,500, but each spouse must make an individual donation of $750). 
Get to Know More about the program:
This is a wonderful opportunity to support the Fuchs Mizrachi School and our students at no additional cost to you!! You can give $750 and get $750! AND support the Fuchs Mizrachi School!

Essentially, any Ohio tax payer can direct state income taxes that they already owe to support the Fuchs Mizrachi School.  In other words, instead of paying those tax dollars to the government, you can allocate them to the school and get a tax credit in exchange.  The dollars raised from this initiative will go directly toward our scholarship funds for children in our community.  Collectively, these dollars have the ability to offset a substantial amount of our nearly 2 million dollars we distribute in financial aid.

Since this program comes at no additional cost to you, we are asking that you please make this allocation in addition to your contribution to our annual campaign, and allow our school to benefit from both this tax credit and your tzedakah!  This is an incredible opportunity that any Ohio taxpayer can participate in, so please encourage your family and friends to support our school community, too!

How do I participate in this program?
Making a donation is easy. Just follow these steps:
  1. Click HERE to go to School Choice Ohio Website
  2. Under ‘School to Donate To’, choose Fuchs Mizrachi School from the drop down list and make your payment
  3. Save the email receipt, and submit with your taxes!
Fuchs Mizrachi School cannot provide legal or tax advice, so all tax or legal related questions about this opportunity should be directed to your financial advisor or accountant.  For any non-tax related questions, please contact our Development Office.  

Click here for FAQ's.
Thank you for helping to support the children of the Fuchs Mizrachi School in considering this exciting opportunity!