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The Fuchs Mizrachi Junior High is dedicated to inspiring the intellectual, religious, and emotional growth of each individual student while galvanizing those individual students into a tightly-knit community. In addition to our rigorous dual curriculum, we have a three-year cycle of informal education programming designed to stimulate students’ emotional and religious growth at this vital juncture in their development. In both the regular classroom and informal programs we strive to have students work together collaboratively, take leadership roles and construct their own knowledge. This style of active learning is most beneficial to students’ academic and interpersonal skill development.


Our faculty and staff are dedicated to their roles as academic instructors on the one hand and religious guides on the other. While our teachers offer academically challenging courses, they also regularly invite students to their homes for informal programs. Our dedicated faculty and staff also spend time during lunch and after school helping students with coursework and offering personal guidance.


In order to foster the sense of learning community towards which we strive, our Judaic and General Studies classes are staggered over the course of our daily schedule, which begins at 8:00 am with tefilla and concludes with a 4:30 pm dismissal.


Miryam Fay
Junior High Administrative Assistant
[email protected]