Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Fuchs Mizrachi School is to educate each child, in conjunction with their families, in the Orthodox Jewish/Religious Zionist tradition, imbued with the love of G-d, Torah, people, and the land of Israel.  The aim of our school is to produce students who are fully committed to Torah and mitzvot, who succeed in many different professions in the larger society, and who have the skills and sense of responsibility and ahavat Yisrael to assume leadership positions both in America and in Israel.  Academic excellence in both Judaic and general studies that meets the individual needs of each of our students is at the heart of our enterprise.  We strive to prepare each student to enter and excel at the finest yeshivot and universities, while we work to foster a sense of identity and achievement in accordance with each child’s unique talents and abilities. 

Our  Values

• Excellence in Torah Learning and General Studies
• Commitment to Torah Values and Shmirat Mitzvot
• Dedication to Religious Zionism and Medinat Yisrael
• Realizing Potential and Inspiring Leadership