Fuchs Mizrachi School


Welcome from Head of School

Rabbi Linfield

Welcome to the Fuchs Mizrachi School and to our website.


We invite you to explore what a school community immersed in innovation and transformation looks like.  To describe our school as a Modern Orthodox, co-educational, college preparatory academy is fully true – and but gives a winsome hint at the compelling Torah learning and living which animates our confidence that anything is possible for our students.


The Fuchs Mizrachi School will always remain the place where Jewish education does its thinking.  Our school’s Religious Zionist ideals remain at the core of tomorrow’s Fuchs Mizrachi School, even as we recognize that preparing our students to lead engaged and ethical lives in the middle of the 21st century dares us to provide fresh sets of competencies.  In other words, even as and really because we’re steeped in traditional values, we’re committed to generating the future. 


At the Fuchs Mizrachi School, our extraordinary faculty and students join together to share an unquenchable enthusiasm for shared inquiry.  At the same time, we assure that each student stays ahead by being at his or her side, as we discover and support each child’s personal learning style.  As a result, our students strengthen their capacity to reflect on how to live virtuously and inspire the human imagination.  Our students develop the creativity and grit to go out and repair the world.


Fuchs Mizrachi is a place where learning happens. Please check out our website.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you all that we have to offer. Even better, come visit us – and experience for yourself the remarkable environment that is the Fuchs Mizrachi School!


Rabbi Seth Linfield

Head of School